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Why Choose Marcus Bishop Associates?

Why choose Marcus Bishop Associates?

7 Reasons to choose Marcus Bishop Associates

  1. We will give you a fixed price based on your particular circumstances and offer you a range of packages so you can choose the one which best meets your needs and budget.
  2. As you would expect from a leading firm of accountants, our knowledge of Inheritance Tax and other related taxes is at a deeper level, which means you can be sure of getting the very best tax advice.
  3. Some of you already have a relationship with us.
  4. We already understand your business and financial affairs.
  5. We may have an existing knowledge of your family background and history.
  6. We may already have information about some of the assets within the estate.
  7. Except in very complicated cases we are very likely to be cheaper than solicitors.

To help ease any financial burden our probate service price is paid out of the estate in 5 interest-free monthly instalments. This gives you added peace of mind knowing you can stop those payments if you’re not happy with the work we are doing.

Our 3 menu options of probate services are set out below:

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