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About us

Who we are?

Marcus Bishop Associates was founded in 1995, by David Frederick to provide personal and business clients with timely, reliable and quality compliance accounting services. We have grown to become an ICAEW licensed probate firm with our focus on tax advisory and planning services for clients across their life cycle.

Our portfolio of services has extended beyond our original compliance accountancy services to strategic business advisory services as we deliver our client services around their expressed ADHD (Aspirations, Dreams, Hopes and Desires). We offer and provide our clients with an integrated accounting and business solutions services to realise their ADHD.

What does Marcus Bishop Associates do?

We help clients realise their



  1. Advise clients how to retain more of their earnings;
  2. Act as  barriers between clients, HMRC & 3rd parties;
  3. Provide compliance, coaching & consultancy services to clients;
  4. Agree dates to complete responsibilities;
  5. Provide estimate of taxes due and payable;
  6. Give clients freedom to focus on their business;
  7. Work with our clients to identify growth opportunities for their business.

Our Values

Underpinning the delivery and provision our professional advice and support to our clients are the following five values:

Trust is the bedrock of any long term relationship as such we choose only to work with clients whom we can trust and they can trust us. All prospective clients must be able to provide appropriate, sufficient and satisfactory evidence of their identity for compliance with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2017. If for any reason during our client relationship we gain any evidence to lose trust in any client, we will terminate our business relationship forthwith.


Relationships are most effective when there is a two way flow of respect. All our contacts and interactions with our clients are conducted in a polite and respectful manner. We expect clients to treat all our team members likewise. We are respectful of our clients’ time and therefore we expect clients to be respectful of our time, for meeting attendances and/or the provision of information. Any compliance failure will result in the termination of the client relationship.


We strive to understand the aspirations, dream, hopes and desires of our clients and their business throughout the life cycle of our relationship. This enables us to develop and provide our clients with appropriate holistic operational and strategic advice and solutions.


Our world is governed by statutory dates and deadlines. Therefore, to ensure our clients do not incur any late submission fines or penalties we always agree with our clients a timetable for receiving their information to undertake their work. In exchange, we advise clients of our turnaround time for their work.


Any client seeking to engage us must provide us with a full disclosure of the facts at the start of our engagement. We are unable to provide a diagnosis or holistic advice for any client in the absence 100% of the facts. On receipt of the full information we will always provide clients with an open and honest assessment. We are not in the business of selling dreams. We seek to give clients the freedom to focus on their business and this can only be achieved if we are both honest with each other.