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We provide clients with a taxation service to meet their particular business or personal needs. Whether it be; income tax, corporation tax, VAT, capital gains tax or inheritance tax, we remind clients:

In business it is not what you EARN that matters – it is what you get to KEEP that really counts!

Self Assessment Tax Returns

You will be required to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return, if you fall into any of the following groups:

·       Self-employed

·       Company director

·       Annual income will exceed £100,000

·       Annual income over £50,000 and either yourself or your partner will receive

Child Benefit payments on or after 7 January 2013

·       Receive income from land and property in the UK

·       Receive taxable foreign income in excess of £300 a year

·       Receive income from a trust or settlement

·       Receive untaxed income that cannot be collected via PAYE tax coding

·       Annual capital gain greater than your annual Capital Gains Tax allowance