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Strategic Business

Strategic Business Services

Our SBS has been developed from our experience of working with business owners seeking to grow their business.

1.0 Strategic Business Review

We provide a diagnostic review of your financial performance and the key pillars of your business to help you to:

  1. Understand how the business arrived at its current position, and
  2. Drive the business to its desired destination.

2.0 Business Fraud Risks and Forensic Review

We will help you remove you away from dual focus of increasing sales and reducing costs and expose you to think about the internal holes within your business that is allowing those increased sales revenue to flow straight out.

We will help you to review your internal controls to identify and address your business risks. Company directors and charity trustees should not forget that it is you have a statutory obligation to safeguard the assets of the organisation and this includes putting in place effective management controls.

Whilst you focus on increasing sales, ask yourself…….

  1. When did you last review your internal controls?
  2. Are you 100% certain that you are paying the correct supplier for all goods supplied?
  3. Is your asset register up to date?

Our business fraud risks and forensic review provides an appraisal of your business internal operating systems and its interface with the business external environment to:

  1. Evaluate the existence and effectiveness of the principal internal controls;
  2. Assess and identify the business exposure to internal and external fraud; and
  3. Assess compliance with statutory business policies and procedures.

3.0 Business Acceleration Service

We provide business owners with monthly (90 minutes) business coaching sessions for a minimum period of 3 months.
Business owners set their desired business objectives. Our business acceleration service provides an opportunity to provide their business with an MOT where we examine under the bonnet of the business and perform various tests to ensure that the business is in the right condition to allow it to achieve the goals of the owner.

Business owners would not drive their car without a valid MOT, so why should they drive their business without an annual service. The Marcus Bishop Associates Business Acceleration Service offers your business more than just a once over MOT service